This beauty ....

Hey you!

Meet this beauty. She is SMART and AMAZING and FUNNY and EVERYTHING in between. I had such a fabulous time with her and her younger sister (who is just as charming and stunning!). I couldn’t stop shooting because with every look she seemed to tell more of her story and I wanted to capture it all!

Celebrating a milestone birthday, this beautiful young lady who is a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter and so much more - was so confident and fierce. While her makeup was flawless and her outfit and accessories were to die for - it was the beauty from within - as she shared encouraging words to her sister, spoke of her mother, and her children and her husband - it was in these moments the most that she was most simply breathtaking. The beauty from within becomes the beauty we all see.

I hope you enjoy these images and maybe, perhaps, you’ll even find some inspiration of your own. And realize - really realize - through all the layers of life’s stuff - when you have a beautiful and good soul - that is all everyone who is worth their salt ever see.