A Rose by any other name ....

This is Rose. She is brilliant and beautiful. A Chinese national, her visits to the United States are infrequent but always a delight! I love learning about the Chinese culture from her perspective.

Education is highly valued in China and is a pathway not only for the future and development of the individual but also of the family and the entire country. A typical school day in a Chinese elementary school is from 7:00am - 4:00 pm followed by many hours of continuous study and homework in the evening - often led by private tutors. Weekend classes are normal and expected. In the summer - the academic schedule can be even more rigorous than it is during the school year.

Discussing the differences and similarities between the United States and China - politics, the recent anniversary of Tiananmen Square, and Chinese reverence for the Queens English all contribute to making me a better person.

I value my friendships and am so thankful for the lovely, diverse people by whom I am surrounded. Safe travels, Rose. I am already looking forward to your next visit! xoxo